MHD1600 silicon carbide heating element

MHD1600 silicon carbide heating element
The surface temperature of  MHD1600 silicon carbide heating element reaches 1600 microns, and the heating element’s density> 2.8g/cm3
Main features: compact heating element, strong oxidation resistance, ultra-long working life, resistant to corrosion by nitrogen, airflow, water vapor and other gases. It can be used in harsh environment such as glass, lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials, high temperature sintering, etc., to reduce the use cost.
It can be produced into straight, U-shaped and other geometric shapes.

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    The hot zone of LD shape silicon carbide heating element is made by special materials,the density of hot zone can be 2.8g/cm3,the maximum using temperature is 1625° C,very long working life,two end of the wire,can be exchanged with GD/HGD.

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