The 31st China Glass Exhibition

1620619102195069The exhibition scale of the 31st China Glass Exhibition reached 90,000 square meters. More than 900 companies from 23 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Israel, the Czech Republic and Singapore participated in the exhibition.
The 31st China Glass Exhibition used the 7 indoor exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center and set up multiple theme exhibition areas, including: N1 Hall International Brand Exhibition Area, N2 Hall Glass Production Exhibition Area, N3 Hall Tempering Furnace and Refractory Material Exhibition Area, N4, Deep processing equipment exhibition areas in Hall N5 and W5, and exhibition areas for raw materials, main and auxiliary materials and daily glass in Hall W4.
During the 4 days of the exhibition, we introduced to our customers in detail the precautions for the use of our silicon carbide heating element in the glass production process, as well as our newly launched MHD silicon carbide heating element, which greatly extended the use of silicon carbide heating element in the glass furnace. The service life in the furnace can help customers save costs and increase output. In addition, we had in-depth exchanges with customers about the production process of various glass, which broadened our horizons and increased our knowledge.

Post time: Jun-03-2021